Welcome to my brain dump! I'll write about all sorts of random views and thoughts here. I never keep any candence so it may be a day or a few years between entries lol.


Job Searching with Experience Mar 2022

How does job searching with a few years of experience under your belt change the experience?
Tags: Life, Jobs, Careers

My life in LA, SF, and TO Mar 2022

My experience growing up in Toronto, interning in SF, and working in Los Angeles
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Thoughts on UTSC's CS Program May 2019

A few quick thoughts on the University of Toronto Scarborough's Co-op CS program, with particular views on Co-op vs PEY, UW vs UTSC, Co-op curriculum content, and the quality of jobs. This was mostly inspired by countless reddit posts asking the same question(s).
Tags: UTSC, Computer Science, Coop, Internships, Jobs